lightstepmontreal asked:

hey there, i saw your etsy: great work! Do you get your materials digitally printed here in MTL? I haven't found a good printer yet. No pressure to reveal sources or anything. Keep it up <3

Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate it! I work mainly with Art of Where here in Montreal, but have also worked with Spoonflower in the US in the past. It really depends on the type of fabric you want to use and the needs of your specific project. Good luck!

I still understand that conventional behaviors like starting a family or buying a house or getting a full-time job are satisfying, and help to chart one’s progress in the world. They exist because they fulfill basic human necessities: People don’t want to be alone; we want to be part of a community, we want to feel appreciated and secure. And I can’t dismiss these huge life steps—like having a child—just because they feel conventional to me. But what I’m learning is that maybe there are other, less traditional ways to tick off those boxes. Maybe those of us living outside the lines have to create our own milestones—you make your first movie, you get an apartment with your girlfriend, you sell a painting, you run a marathon, you redecorate your house, you go traveling. Maybe you’re a queer kid born to religious parents, so you form a core group of close friends who become your surrogate family. Maybe you’re someone who creates something—be it art, words, ideas, clothing, furniture, whatever—and for you, that fulfills the same basic need to leave a legacy that having a baby does for others.